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Considering A Bathroom Remodel?

Bathroom remodels have conditions that need consideration when planning and budgeting.

Additional Costs to consider: Moving Plumbing, electrical, walls, or windows all add additional costs to both labor and materials.

Lighting: Aesthetics versus brightening a room with lighting where you need it. Windows or light in showers also add lighting.

Storage Space: Medicine cabinets can be recessed in many situations with mirrors for shaving and makeup. Vanities can add additional storage space. Do you need additional drawers or cabinets? Do you want a dual sink? More countertop space? Do you want a built in closet with shelving?

Tub or shower: Ask yourself how often do a take a bath or shower. Is there an addition bathroom in the house with a tub? Sell ability is a consideration, but make the decision based on your preference.

Sinks and fixtures: Sinks come in numerous styles, shapes, under the counter, over the counter, colors, porcelain, ceramic, metal, and more. Fixtures come in numerous sizes, shapes, colors and metal types.

Shower: Custom built showers offer extensive options. Custom tile with many accents can bring an amazing experience to your bathroom. With huge choices to design whatever fits your style and taste. Today’s grout is stronger, longer lasting, less likely to crack and easier to clean. Today's grouts use polymer additives, which ensure color quality and increased flexibility. There are numerous choices in ceramic, porcelain and natural stone. New composites like “Onyx” offer new choices for both custom and prefabricated walls, doors and bases like never before. And offer life-time warranties. Also consider if you may need grab bars, caddies, seats, shelves depending on your needs. They can add additional price.

Flooring: So many choices to consider for flooring in a bathroom. Carpet is warm and comfy when stepping out of the shower or tub. But it can also take a while to dry and can hold moisture causing mold and mildew.

Vinyl Flooring offers a lot of great aspects. There are many styles and colors, and most of them are water resistant and offer a life time warranty. In addition they are easier to install and can have less labor.

Tile Flooring is another great choice with lots of types and styles to choose from. Whatever your choice make sure it fits your lifestyle and budget.

Before getting quotes, make sure you take all these situations under careful consideration. Make notes to go over with your remodeler. Make sure you are on the same page on anything you discuss. When comparing quotes, make sure you are asking for the same details. Just a few changes can make a big difference in a quote or contract. Making changes later can change your quote.

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